Aarondale Paving – Calgary

About Us

Aarondale Paving is an incorporated company that has been serving Calgary and area since 1988. With more than 20 years in the asphalt paving industry we know how to get the job done in a professional manor, and on a timeline that works for everyone. We do the smallest of asphalt and paving jobs from filling potholes to full scale, ground up builds. We perform residential work with the same commitment we give our commercial clients. That helps to separate us from the rest.

We are an asphalt company that has thrived on repeat customers. When you choose Aarondale Paving you will get a superior product that is extremely competitively priced. Feel free to ask us for a free estimate and references in your area.

Asphalt is favourable over concrete for a few reasons.

  • Concrete does not have the ability to flex like asphalt in calgarys climate, therefore asphalt can withstand calgarys temperature variations much better without cracking or pitting
  • You can usually drive on asphalt 48 hours after it is installed. Concrete is up to a month.
  • And one of the best reasons is the cost of asphalt paving being a fraction of the price of concrete.

Asphalt is a product that is affordable, reliable and low maintenance. The average paving job is a relatively simple process. If your job is a repair, we start by removing any problem areas, do the gravel work, grade, compact and then you are ready for asphalt. We invest the time in making the base right because the base is just as important as the surface. When choosing an asphalt company make sure that it is not a fly-by-nighter. Check references and see how long the company has been in business. After all, years of experience is not equal to years operating as a business.

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